Agreement Or Disagreement You Should Go To The Doctor

Dissagrement: You should go to the hospital to check that bad things can happen (yes) You should better consult your doctor first before going abroad Do you agree that smoking in public places should be banned forever? I agree that children can`t see this movie. I think you should go to school every morning. Look at how, with the words and phrases that follow, we can express agreement and disagreement of an order of magnitude. Note in sentences related to disagreements, such as the use of the “but” preposition indicates that you do not agree with what is being said. Siti: “I agree with Udin. You should see a doctor, Lina. You look very pale. I think we should take medication. I think our school should have a new special space for musical performance You should look on the Internet to find more information about the reading strategy agreement: you should go home and take a break, too many drugs is not good (yes) thanks to mr joko, the material is very useful and useful, I came to know about the agreement and disagreements – Dear You should not have to work tomorrow But you`re leaving? You should take some vitamins to keep your body in good condition. You`d better see a doctor at the hospital as soon as possible because you have a headache. Perhaps you should admit the error before the others, I suggest that you learn English in the first English course, we look at the importance of verbs and contradict. You should get up early to take the exam tomorrow. My favorite phrases are that I agree and I don`t agree. I`ve mostly used my two favorite phrases.

Not the above are new to me, but I don`t use them in my routine life. Test your understanding of locations using phrases on the Australian coast. I think it`s just another boring comedy movie. He`s a cute rabbit. I really like maybe you should admit your mistake before the others I don`t agree with you, because our time is very limited (-) I agree with you. Autumn is the best time of the year. I don`t think War`s films are suitable for high school students. You should try to learn English at home every day, I`m afraid I don`t agree with you. I have to visit my uncle this weekend. Do you agree to help us if we need help? You need to talk to your father to solve the problem of the accident.

Maybe you shouldn`t come to work this morning It`s a good idea, because I`m bored at home, I`m sorry, but I don`t have to agree with your opinion I think learning music is more enjoyable than watching TV, I suggest you take a nap before doing a more important job you should wake up early To do the test tomorrow It`s the worst movie we have never seen before. – I wouldn`t say that. (Disagreement) (Exactly) . I think you should take medication because you look very pale Maybe you should be in bed for a while before going to the beach Rita complains about everything about the food I advise you to stay calm in the end-of-year exams ———————————————————– I need to wear you a thick jacket because it`s so cold on the hill which is it`s true! Absolutely! It`s true! Me too! Yes, I agree! I absolutely agree! That`s all I could accept! I know what you mean! You are right.