Apple School Manager Agreement

Apple School Manager allows detailed access controls that allow different permissions to be granted to different people depending on the role (students, lecturers, managers, administrators). Licensed school administrators and managers can create new accounts, set roles and permissions, and display information such as the name and classes registered for existing accounts. You can also reset passwords and monitor accounts if necessary. Apple`s built-in apps, such. B that maps, weather or camera, must also ask for permission to collect and use data indicating the location. Location data collected by Apple is collected in a form that does not personally identify the student. Other applications made available by the school must also request permission to access location data. Like all of our customers, students can authorize and revoke access for any application that requires the use of the service. A user`s location is not regularly available to the school through Apple`s features and services. However, location services can be used to help a school restore a lost or stolen device. On a school device, an MDM administrator can activate the lost mode remotely.

If the “Lost” mode is enabled, the current user is disconnected and the device cannot be unlocked. The screen displays a message that the administrator can customize, z.B the display of a phone number to call when the device is found. If the device is moved to lost mode, the administrator can ask the device to return its current location to the MDM server. If an administrator disables the lost mode for a device, the device`s location is sent and the user is informed of this action. While Apple has strict guidelines for app developers used in schools, schools should evaluate all applications considered for use in the classroom with respect to their privacy policy, to ensure compliance with the school`s legal policies and obligations. Common Sense Media offers a digital citizenship program for schools. To support the learning environment and focus students on learning, schools can use MDM (mobile device management) software for school-specific devices as well as for student equipment that is brought to school. MDM allows school administrators to set up settings and policies for network access, secure web content, software updates and more, as well as distribute the apps and books students use for their learning. Note: During the verification process, your confirmation contact will be contacted by phone and will be asked to confirm information about you and your organization before your registration is approved. Make sure all filters allow emails from all domain.

Quickly return all missed calls so that the registration process can run smoothly. And while each app used by the school can generate progress data for students, such as quiz results or progress in reading, the data is shared only by apps with Apple that have adopted ClassKit, and only for schools that have explicitly enabled student progress registration for their school.