Double Taxation Agreement With Greece

In accordance with the provisions of Law 4172/2013 and Law 4174/2013, intercompany transactions with one or more related companies are exempt from the documentation requirement if they do not exceed the amount: these rates are replaced by the provisions of the double taxation agreements concluded by Greece with other countries/jurisdictions. Greece has not yet implemented the BEPS 13 action with regard to master files and local files, but it has implemented country-by-country reports. This commitment applies to multinational groups (MNEs) whose total total turnover exceeded 750 million euros in the previous year. Companies in these MNE groups that reside in Greece are required to inform the Greek tax authorities, no later than the last day of the reference year to which it relates, of the submission of the CbyC report on the submission of the CbyC report. 2. Subject to the provisions of Article VI, income from sources within Greece that is taxed in Greece, either directly or by deduction in accordance with Greek law and in accordance with this agreement, is not subject to Indian tax. Under the general rule, the provisions of Greece`s double taxation agreements with other countries/jurisdictions, which may include a narrower definition of a stable institution, take precedence over the provisions of the Greek income tax code. (1) The laws in force in any of the territories do not continue to govern the taxation and taxation of income in the territories concerned, unless this agreement expressly provides otherwise. The amounts of tax on wages withheld each month must be paid by the employer to the tax authorities no later than the end of the second month after the income was paid. Until February 28 after the end of the year, the employer is required to report, via the personalized online account TAXISnet, to the Independent Public Revenue Authority, the taxable annual income of the work (i.e.

the gross income of work reduced from applicable social security contributions and other applicable deductions (if any) by indicating separately the normal salary and benefits in kind as well as the income tax and solidarity contributions withheld during the fiscal year. The corresponding amounts automatically appear in the electronic form of the worker`s annual income tax return (form E-1). In addition, the employer is required to issue and provide the worker with an annual pay letter (either on paper or electronically), including the normal wage and benefits paid to the worker during the fiscal year, as well as the applicable payroll deduction. Greece has double taxation agreements with 57 countries/legal systems (a complementary double taxation agreement has been signed with Singapore but has not yet been ratified, i.e. not in force) to prevent double taxation and to allow cooperation between Greece and other tax authorities to enforce their respective tax laws. The tax capacity of non-Greek residents` labour income is determined by the applicable double taxation agreement to avoid double taxation (if any). When a resident of one of the territories demonstrates that the action of the tax authorities in the other territory has resulted in or will result in double taxation contrary to the provisions of this agreement, he is entitled to submit his case to the competent authority of the territory of which he is domiciled.