Eu Free Trade Agreement With Australia And New Zealand

We agreed on the geographical indications of protection under the agreement. Learn more. “As our two nations begin to focus on the economic recovery of Covid-19, a free trade agreement between Britain and Australia will help expand export choices and opportunities and strengthen supply chains to better withstand future shocks,” said Mr Birmingham. To date, the EU and Australia have maintained their trade and economic relations under the 2008 EU-Australia partnership. The aim is to facilitate trade in industrial products between the EU and Australia by removing technical barriers and improving trade in services and investment. As part of its ongoing transparency efforts, the Commission today published reports from the first rounds of negotiations with Australia and New Zealand, as well as a series of proposals for EU texts covering 12 negotiating areas to date that have been presented to date in discussions with Australia, as well as proposals for 11 negotiating areas presented so far by New Zealand. The goal of concluding a free trade agreement in six months is extremely ambitious: most free trade agreements take several years to negotiate and conclude (for example). B, the recent EU-Canada agreement, which lasted about eight years between the start of negotiations and the ratification of CETA). The Australian and New Zealand ministers say they are keen to reach agreements with the UK because their savings are the result of the coronavirus crisis.

The first round of negotiations for a trade agreement between the EU and New Zealand was also held in Brussels from 16 to 20 July 2018. The discussions confirmed a high degree of coherence in the views of both parties in most areas of negotiation. The next round will take place in the fall in New Zealand. The new talks come at a time when Australia is also negotiating a trade deal with the European Union. Birmingham described the EU as “a massive market with high incomes of nearly 450 million people and, as a bloc, it is already Australia`s third largest trading partner and our third largest source of foreign investment.” In a speech to the National Press Club of Australia on Wednesday, Birmingham said Australia would try to secure better access to the agricultural market, abolish wine tariffs and high standard rules for trade and digital investment. A free trade agreement with the EU will benefit Maori businesses while protecting their rights. In May 2018, the EU Council authorised the Commission to open trade negotiations with New Zealand and adopted the relevant negotiating guidelines. After a first round of free trade negotiations in July 2018 in Brussels, negotiations are under way. What does Brexit mean for the eu-free trade agreement negotiations between the EU and the NZ? New Zealand negotiates bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements with the following blocs and countries: New Zealand is a party to several free trade agreements around the world. In 2003, a veterinary agreement to facilitate the trade in live animals and animal products (at the same time for the protection of human and animal health) came into force and was updated in 2015.

Added to this is the complexity of the video link negotiations with Australia due to the persistent pandemic, and the six-month target seems even more difficult.