French Furnished Tenancy Agreement Template

This includes the right to a minimum rent of one year if it is established and three years if it is not established. If you must break the lease of your furnished rental, you must inform your landlord at least 1 month in advance with a registered note. Check the terms of your lease to determine notice or notice. For unfurnished dwellings, the amount of the refundable deposit (attention or guarantee) must not be greater than the value of the rent of one month paid in advance when signing the rental agreement. In addition, the rent for the first month must be paid simultaneously. For furnished apartments, the maximum deposit is not set by law. Since 2018, it is also possible to negotiate a “mobility lease” which we take into account during the term of the lease. Roomlala offers free models for the most common rental contracts. To find out which contract is best suited to your rent, check out our guide (in French) The table below summarizes the main differences in the law between furnished and unfurnished rentals. The lease or lease sets the lease and lease conditions and is signed between the landlord or real estate agent (on behalf of the lessor) and the tenant. Empty and standard lease forms are available from Denern. The rent may be increased annually, either to an amount and date of verification agreed in the lease agreement, or, in the absence of that amount, it may be increased annually at the time the contract is signed.

However, in the case of their primary residence, inmates still have dependent rights, such as a household that occupies the estate permanently and with a written lease. The DPE (Energy Performance Diagnosis) is a report describing the amount of energy in a building. It contains recommendations for improvement. The DPE should accompany any new or renewed lease for a rental period of more than four months. This rental contract refers to: students, interns and professionals who work temporarily abroad and who need a furnished apartment for a period of between 1 and 10 months.