The Agreement Shall Prevail

In the examples above, the chords are so similar that the word change seems intentional. It is not that they are totally different agreements; It is clear that someone started the foreign version and edited it to align with its jurisdiction. This raises the question: What is the meaning of word choice? I could not find articles on whether “control,” “prevail” or “governance” should be used to resolve conflicting notions. I had a partner in China who asked to change “prevail” to “Control” when negotiating the contract. It suggested to me that the partner thought there had been a legal difference, but I did not have the opportunity to ask. I also noticed that between an American and European version of one of Amazon`s agreements (which are very similar) uses the American version “Controls” and the European version “prevails”. So prevail gets my vote, but I could change my mind. (When I first posted this, I decided to control it, but I quickly changed my Mark Anderson comment.) Here are the contrasting rules of Amazon and Google (by adding): It is interesting that people seem to have a strong opinion on the words to use in this context. I can`t commit to it too much. Here are my thoughts on the alternatives mentioned above, plus another popular option, to govern: Here`s another, Google App terms in Ireland say “have priority,” and the corresponding U.S.

terms say “control.” I received the following request from reader Andrew Sinclair.