Agreement Drafting Course

This course is not in progress. We can send you an email when it starts again, or take the other courses you like. Contracting is the basic bread and butter for avocados. No matter what legal area you are pursuing, you cannot evade drafting or verification of the contract. This is the pulse of the practice of law. As a transaction lawyer, lawyer or insider, you can pursue the law, but drafting and negotiating contracts are the only constant that connects all these roles. Even if it`s a constant, it`s strangely also the most dynamic workspace for a lawyer. The course focuses on drafting the contract and not on drafting the A, B or C agreements. “I want to thank you for this course – I think I could find in this course everything I need to keep in mind when setting up the contract. I am fortunate to have managed to take a contract course with you.

Before class, I couldn`t even imagine that I could design a deal in a foreign language – it`s a big step forward. Thank you very much! “Simple English writing techniques for drafting contracts, how to use enumeration signs in contracts, how to avoid the word “shall” in contracts, and how to express positive rather than negative obligations for clarity. Contracts determine business and life in many ways. In this course, you have the ability to design these important documents! With the knowledge and skills you will acquire in this course, you can design almost all types of agreements (of course, some types of advanced contracts also require domain experience). Weekly exercises are very important to learn the practicalities for which you have joined the course. You have enough time to complete them. If you can`t finish in the due date, you`ll receive an extension to complete it with a deduction of a few marks. But if at least 50% of the weekly exercises (40 exercises plus 10 writing tasks) are not completed, you will not receive a certificate and the value for which you joined the course. At the end of this course, if you are going into a real situation, you will be pleasantly surprised at how many of them you have already approached through exercise exercise exercises.

We do not offer demonstration courses. You will not be able to understand the quality of the course by visiting a single class, because the results we produce are achieved by a combination of many things – study materials, tasks, personal feedback on tasks and finally class. The only way to experience the course is to take the course for a month, without risk, because we do not get refund questions between the 30th and 45th day, provided that you take all the courses and solve all the tasks. Here is a link to our refund policy. If you don`t like the course, you can be 100% refunded. Refund policy here Yes, in all our premium courses, there are weekly live courses. Apart from a session that refers to your course, you are sometimes invited to participate in additional free writing, networking or other relevant skills. However, the course is delivered through an e-learning management system that allows students to access study materials from around the world at their own time and at their own convenience. The teaching materials will be accessible via the online learning management system, which can be evaluated on laptop/office, and you will also be able to access the course on your phone by downloading the LawSikho app. Some course materials can be downloaded at the time of your course on the corresponding topic.

In addition, you also have access to many hardcopy materials.