Which Of The Following Is The Appropriate Response To A Comment Of Agreement

Another answer is: “I know” – it admits approval rather than knowledge A girl in the photo is the most beautiful girl I`ve ever seen! But I wonder what word she used as an answer right now? Probably “Ah,” maybe “Oh.” I don`t think “Wow.” One way or another, I`m sure they gave the right answer for the news:) The thing about social media is that you can`t necessarily wait for someone to contact you, often customers won`t use your @handle in tweets or post comments directly to your Facebook page. Restate — clarifying or redirecting negative formulations. Anyone can unintentionally insult or provoke disagreements. In those days, it`s helpful to use one of my favorite strategies: give them the chance to do the right thing. “Definitely, there`s another way to say that” or “Did you say what I think I heard?” are useful ways to encourage someone to think and change what has been said. Humor can be a perfect way to show the easier side of your institution. Be careful, however, as it is only appropriate in certain situations and you need to be sure that your use of humor will go well. Great article – To respond to comments (either positive or negative), it`s very important, and your article taught me how to respond to negative comments on social media. An appropriate answer would be “Spoil Sport!” Someone is trying to disrupt a good and productive exchange with negative feedback.

The other important opportunity that you should answer publicly is that the person has made baseless accusations against your university. They do not want to leave that kind of comments behind without rebuttal. How do you react to negative comments you`ve received on your social media accounts? ignore? Excuse me? Argue with the poster? Find out in our article below how to best deal with and respond to negative comments online. Save my name, email address and website in this browser for the next time I will make a comment. It is now impossible to escape criticism; There are simply too many evaluation sites for you to keep something quiet. Word of mouth means so much more than before on the Internet, because a hard comment can spread immediately around the world. Of course, a moral attitude can divide your audience, but it can also create a much stronger population. When it comes to negative comments, this approach shows that you are willing to encourage a conversation and actively try to solve problems.

With positive feedback, it offers a great opportunity to interact with satisfied customers and build a better image for your university`s brand.