Transfer Of Rights Agreement

In addition, Data Geekery intends to license and distribute a version of the software for use associated with proprietary licensed commercial database programs (such as Oracle or SQL Server). To allow Data Geekery to license the software under two different types of licenses, all rights and title in the software must be transferred to Data Geekery. In order to ensure that Data Geekery owns all intellectual property rights and other title to the work products provided by contributor, the parties agree that remedies may be available if the assignment infringes the rights of the unassed party. Unless otherwise stated, a tenant may assign his rights to an assignee without the consent of the owner. In most jurisdictions, if there is a clause stating that the landlord may refuse to accept an assignment, the general rule is that the lessor cannot improperly refuse consent unless there is a provision that expressly states that the landlord may refuse consent at the sole discretion of the owner. A discounted sale is an assignment or transfer of equity rights. CONSIDERING that ZEDENT has offered to assign all its rights, title and interest to the entity referred to above, as set out in this contract of sale, and that the assignee accepts the assignment in accordance with the conditions set out in the said contract; All rights, in particular copyrights and/or patents, as well as all other rights in factory products already produced or produced in the future, are automatically considered to be fully transferred to Data Geekery upon their creation. With regard to a trademark, the trademark owner cannot transfer ownership of the mark without transferring the goodwill or goodwill related to the trademark. As the copyright owner, you have the option to sublicense or transfer your copyright to another person. For example, you can license a company to reproduce your photo. Copyright holders may transfer the exclusive rights to their property to another person. If you wish to transfer exclusive rights to a copyright, you must do so in writing. Otherwise, the transfer would not be valid….